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Smart control connected to your OSO water heater

OSO Charge TM is a smart control product that helps you manage the heating of your hot water. OSO Charge can schedule the heating cycles during non peak or less costly periods of the day. The unit also ensures that you will never run out of hot water.

The control unit has 3 temperature sensors plus innovative software that forms a unique basis for optimizing water heating. Artificial intelligence ensures that the heating is tailored to each household.

Good reasons to install OSO Charge:

  • Automatic price optimization can be integrated with your local electricity  market.
  • Set a daily schedule for your heating times.
  • Inform your heater when you will be away, so it uses the least amount of electricity during this period.
  • Historical data for energy consumption.
  • See how many liters of hot water are available and how many showers it can provide.
  • Easy control and overview via the mobile app.

OSO inCharge is the mobile app that provides consumers with insights into hot water levels and offers a user-friendly interface. In the app, you can easily activate smart control and monitor historical consumption data.

Avoiding the most expensive hours by shifting the heating of hot water to other times of the day can save you money and relieve the power grid. OSO Charge does this automatically by activating smart control and integrating with local electricity markets.

OSO Charge Fleet.
Manager Dashboard - a unique IoT solution.

Unique energy management fleet control solutions are available through the dashboard:

  • Energy management that facilitates optimization for consumers, building operators and notifies based upon electricity tariffs.
  • Dashboard fits well with asset management operators and MURB.
  • Integrates to physical & digital ecosystem to provide smart fleet control, low service costs and lifecycle benefits.

Unique multi-function features