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As a proud supplier to marine and offshore installations, where harsh and demanding environments demand the highest quality of any equipment, OSO only delivers stainless steel tanks of world leading quality. A company with Norwegian roots, we know what is demanded of the equipment at sea.

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Supplying the world’s shipping, cruise and offshore fleet with hydrophores and calorifiers for decades provides unique experience and know-how. Reference projects include Norwegian oil & gas platforms Troll, Oseberg, Valhall and many others, as well as some of the best-known cruise ships in the world. OSO Hotwater holds ISO 3834-2 welding certification (“Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials”) for independent third-party verification. As standard, all pressure vessels are designed according to EN 13445 (“design, fabrication, and inspection of pressure vessels”) and additional certificates are available upon request. Whatever requirement our customers have, we strive to meet them.

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